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Sports Medicine

Playing sports like basketball or softball can result in injuries such as torn muscles and tendons; oftentimes these injuries require surgery to enable you to return to the sport you love.

A former basketball player himself, sports medicine doctor and orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tarik Sidani specializes in treating sports injuries. In fact, Dr. Sidani is part of the medical team who takes care of local high school athletes, including the Harrison Goblins.

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure that can lead to a faster recovery. It is often used for diagnosing and treating common sports injuries. The procedure involves two or three very small incisions that heal quickly and cause less pain for the patient. Arthroscopy can help repair torn cartilage, damaged ligaments, and loose bone or cartilage fragments. It is especially effective for problems of the knee, shoulder, ankle, and wrist.

Knee Injuries

The knee is one of the most commonly injured joints in the body. Common knee injuries include meniscus tear, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear, and posterior cruciate ligament (PCL) tear.

To repair these knee injuries, Dr. Sidani performs the following procedures:

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulder is also often a site of injury when playing sports, with some of the most common injuries being rotator cuff tears and shoulder impingement syndrome.

Depending on your injury, Dr. Sidani may recommend non-surgical treatment or surgical treatments such as:

Ankle Injuries

Sports-related ankle injuries may include ankle sprain and instability and ankle fractures. Ankle scopes, or tiny cameras placed inside the ankle to see the bones and ligaments directly, can be used to diagnose the exact injury.

Treatments for ankle injuries may include:

Elbow Injuries

Overuse of the elbow during sports can result in injury, including tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, pitcher's elbow, or radial tunnel syndrome (nerve compression). Elbow injuries such as a fracture, bone spur, or bone fragment may also occur as a result of an impact from a fall.

Depending on the cause and severity of the injury, treatment options may include:

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If you’ve experienced a sports-related injury, Dr. Sidani of Arkansas Orthopedics & Sports Medicine can help diagnose and treat your injury so you can return to your favorite sport. Call (870) 741-8289 today to make an appointment to see orthopedic surgeon Dr. Tarik Sidani in Harrison, Berryville, or Marshall, Arkansas. You may also request an appointment online.